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Schoolhouse Washington improves housing stability and advances educational success for students experiencing homelessness.



One in every 30 students in Washington state is homeless. A disproportionate number are young people of color.   


Communities are impacting student homelessness through innovative practices and effective policies. We’ve only just begun.

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Q & A with Tukwila Superintendent Nancy Coogan
Schoolhouse Washington recently awarded an 18-month grant to the Tukwila School District, where 11.5 percent of all students in 2015-16 were identified as homeless, compared to 3.65 percent statewide. We asked Tukwila Superintendent Nancy Coogan about the district’s ongoing work to address student homelessness and how Schoolhouse Washington will enhance those efforts.
Solutions for ending youth homelessness rest within young people themselves
Hoping to learn from those who persevered through the challenges of student homelessness, Schoolhouse Washington recently sat down with several members of Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness (YAEH), a program of The Mockingbird Society, a Seattle-based nonprofit.
Infographics on student homelessness to share
In partnership with Seattle University's Project on Family Homelessness, we've produced a new series of infographics that illustrate what we know about student homelessness in Washington state and its impact. Please use and share widely!