About Us

Schoolhouse Washington is an initiative to improve housing stability and advance educational success for the more than 40,000 students in our state who experience homelessness.

  • We identify and spread promising practices across the state.
  • We develop and support champions behind our cause.
  • We influence policy and funding decisions that help communities respond effectively.

Schoolhouse Washington communicates the urgency of student homelessness to practitioners, policymakers and the public, with a particular focus on school districts, community nonprofits and funders from across the entire state.

  • We analyze data about students experiencing homelessness and their academic progress.
  • We chronicle stories that demonstrate innovation and illustrate success within local schools and communities.
  • We support pilots to foster collaboration between school districts, housing nonprofits and other community organizations working to combat homelessness.
  • We engage in advocacy and legal analysis to share information about promising practices and promote effective policies.

Schoolhouse Washington will spread knowledge on what practices are working best and offer guidance on how to implement them locally.

Our Team

Schoolhouse Washington is a project of Building Changes. 

Financial support to Schoolhouse Washington is provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Raikes Foundation, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Campion Foundation, The Boeing Company, and Bank of America.

Schoolhouse Washington combines the strengths of the following organizations as partners behind our cause:

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