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Students Experiencing Homelessness Have the Right to an Education

Are you a student in Washington (preschool through 12th grade) who wonders whether or not you are considered homeless, how you can enroll in and attend school, or what your rights are as an unaccompanied homeless youth? Our new Know Your Rights Toolkit will help you advocate for yourself.

I Am Not Alone

“I felt heard. I felt that, for once, I was allowed to hope.” Latte Harris, who experienced homelessness as a middle school and high school student in Vancouver, reflects on a recent youth summit and congressional briefing in Washington, D.C.

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Pongo Poetry at Schoolhouse Washington

The Pongo Poetry at Schoolhouse Washington project seeks applications for its Fellowships to establish school-based poetry programs for middle-school students who have experienced homelessness or housing instability, as well as other personal traumas or challenges. Applications are due January 12, 2018.

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No Answers. Just Connections.

Roxana Parise, Homeless Liaison for Bellingham Public Schools: “I was 11 years old the first time I witnessed an immigration raid. My family was living in California and we were working in the fields picking blackberries. I had nightmares that I was going to be taken away from my family…Today, as a homeless liaison, I work with many families who have at least one undocumented member in their family.”

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Q & A with Tukwila Superintendent Nancy Coogan

Schoolhouse Washington recently awarded an 18-month grant to the Tukwila School District, where 11.5 percent of all students in 2015-16 were identified as homeless, compared to 3.65 percent statewide. We asked Tukwila Superintendent Nancy Coogan about the district’s ongoing work to address student homelessness and how Schoolhouse Washington will enhance those efforts.

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