Menu of Strategies

The Menu of Strategies is a working collection of research-based practices and recommendations that Schoolhouse Washington gathered to help schools and districts support students and families experiencing homelessness. It covers a range of topics, such as basic needs, family outreach and communication, doubled-up guidance, staffing and training, and housing partnerships. To develop our menu, we interviewed professionals in the education field, conducted data analysis of student outcomes in Washington schools and districts, interviewed school and district staff, and interviewed students and families of color experiencing homelessness.

In a 2019 analysis of K-12 student data, our report showed that only 56% of students experiencing homelessness graduated on time in the state of Washington. To improve student outcomes, we need the Schoolhouse Promise—a campaign that garners the collective commitment from all schools to graduate 90% of its students by 2027. The Menu of Strategies is one resource to help us achieve our promise of 90% by 2027, and we hope it will provide guidance on ways schools can best serve students and families experiencing homelessness.